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Regina O'Rourke - RN, MS

Certified Grief Coach

Certified Life Coach


I help adults who are struggling with the death of a spouse or a partner.

I help them come to grips with their loss by giving them a safe place and the time to share their pain and their story.

Reaching for tomorrow through the life changing journey of grief

Grieving a Loss



   Grief has no timetable and does not come with a set of instructions.

 We all grieve differently—it is unique to each of us.

Grief is a slow journey—take the time that you need.

You are not crazy, you are quite normal.

Your emotions are like a roller coaster.  One minute laughing, the next crying, then lonely, then craving solitude.  There is anger, sadness, resentment. 

Which emotions are you feeling?

My Program

                                 YOUR STORY

                 What is it like to be you right now?

                            Tell me your story-

                     Tell me about your loved one-

              What are your most difficult struggles?

                           What are your fears?


A new relationship with the loved one who died—the precious gift of memories. 

Life will be different-socially, financially.

     Create a vision for the future

     Creating a new sense of purpose


About Me

Regina O'Rourke - RN, MS

Certified Grief Coach

Certified Life Coach

I attended college in Queens where I received my RN degree and received my Masters degree in counseling  from L.I University. I started a Home Care company in 1985 and in 2007 I sold it due to illness.  In 2014 I became a certified Life Coach and went on to achieve further certifications in End Of Life and Grief Coaching.  




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