About Me

I was born in Brooklyn NY and moved to Long Island when I was ten.  I attended college in Queens and received my Masters Degree from LI University.   I began my working career as an RN, working in various acute and chronic care facilities.  After receiving my Masters in counseling I worked with people dealing with loss and bereavement.

In 1985 I started a Home Care Company and left due to illness in 2007. Thankfully, my youngest son worked with me at the time and assumed the responsibilities.  Under his ownership, the company is alive, well and continues to grow.

It was during my recovery that I decided to study Life Coaching which is a far better fit for me than counseling.  My clients and I work with their current issues, moving from where they are to where they would like to be.   Together we create structure and support allowing them to live by design-not fault.

Early in my career I spent many years as a working, single Mom with three young children.  So many happy memories and so many blurred moments. The financial struggle at times was frightening and sometimes I would work an extra shift after I got the kids to bed—thanks to family members willing to babysit.

In 1996 I met a beautiful man that I am happily growing old with.    Jim is blind and was when I met him.  Our life may be a bit different because of his blindness but I believe it is fuller.

Coaching allows me to work with people facing the challenges of every day life.  We learn from each other and I continue to grow which for me is awesome.


                                          Who I Am


A course I am taking required that I write one page explaining who I am.  The end result was much more personal than what I had posted on this page.   It is still about me, but so much more telling of my core.  So here it is————­WHO I AM. I am a woman, wife, mother, grandmother and friend.  I am at peace with whom I am.  Perhaps it’s the years that allow me this privilege, perhaps it's knowing I have more years behind me than in front.  Whatever the reason I’m happy to have arrived in this space.  I love this planet, my world.  I say good morning to it every day.  I cherish honesty, mine in particular.  I can laugh at myself with ease and admire others who can also.  I like that I usually know when I’m behaving like an idiot and I’ve learned apologizing, when appropriate is quite cleansing.   I try to respect this world and all the people I know to the best of my ability.

  I am grateful for my ability to love deeply, for the enjoyment I get from giving.  I am grateful to have arrived at a place where I realize every moment I live is mine whether or not I happen to be doing something I want.    I have regrets ,times I wish I could wipe from existence, but I think of a quote from Lilly Tomlyn and somehow I forgive myself and realize I am just a mortal with accompanying defects and faults.  “ Forgiveness is giving up all hope of reliving the past”

Regina O'Rourke - RN, MS, CC

Certified Life Coach

Founder & President, Transitions in Life Coaching


Member of the International Coach Federation, The Long Island Coaching Alliance and the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants.