Our Time Together  



  It is important that my clients understand exactly what coaching is and what our responsibilities are to each other.

I schedule a 15 minute “informational”session which will provide clarity for you in each of those areas. 


  At the end of the free informational session we schedule a complimentary 45 minute session.  During this session I get to know you.  We’ll talk about what you want most in your life, what you would like less of, where you are now and  your visions for your future.  This and all future sessions are about you.  


  It is at the end of this session that you decide if you want to hire me as your coach.  If you do we will create a schedule for our sessions.  All of our sessions are done on the phone and are 45 minutes long.  At this time we will also discuss payment.  I will also forward a Welcome Packet which needs to be returned prior to our first session.


  If you choose not to hire me please know my door is always open and you can contact me at any time.  I will have enjoyed getting to know you and perhaps someday our paths may again cross.