The Solace of a Tree

I remember parking my car under a tree at a nearby strip­mall for the solitary purpose of crying. Little League season had begun! I had thee kids playing on three different teams and delivering them to their prospective fields on time was a feat in itself. One of them was always late and angry with me. I always seemed to get to the other two games when my kid was sitting on the bench. It was shortly time to get back in the car and begin the pick­ups. On this particular night besides the one that was upset about being late, the other two were upset because I had missed the best plays they had ever made. I had just put a dinner of fish sticks and tater­tots on the table—(I think it was the third night this week)—the dog walked in caked in mud and plopped down on the couch, and I remembered the 32 cupcakes thathad to be brought to the school before I left for work. Hence my trip to the tree!

Things did get better. The four of us had one of our “dreaded” (their word, not mine) family meetings and we decided on a plan for me to attend their games, thee class got purchased not homemade cupcakes and the dog, well some bases just can’t be covered.

#parenthood #solace

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