A Random Act

Every now and then we are privileged to experience a random act of kindness, to be reminded of the selflessness that we are all capable of.

The traffic was moving uncharacteristically slow on one of the main streets close to my home. I could see no emergency vehicles or flashing lights up ahead but I did catch a glimpse of someone running from their vehicle and crossing the road, leaving their hazard lights flashing. As I inched closer I saw a large dog lying in the road, apparently hit by the car that was parked nearby, it too having its hazard lights on. The dog was unsuccessfully attempting to get up. My car was now even with the dog and the two men attending it. There were no identification tags on the dog and the men, who were apparently strangers decided to bring the dog to the vet. The two men gently placed the dog on a blanket and walked together to the car parked across the street. “What Vet are you taking him to?” “OK, I’ll meet you there—Thanks Buddy, thank you so much.”

#kindness #selflessness

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