One Act Does Not Define Us

Every now and again we all do something dumb, inconsiderate, or rude. That does not make us dumb, inconsiderate or rude people. It makes us human. Humans screw up every now and then . Sometimes we all too quickly make harsh judgements about each other using words like “jerk”, “idiot”, “moron” and worse.

It is simply wrong to define someone by a solitary act.

Here are just a few consequences I believe happen when we for example, call or refer to someone one of the above;

1. It is hurtful

2. Intelligence becomes questionable.

3. Credibility becomes diluted.

One way we begin to become less judgmental of others is when we judge ourselves in a kinder light. It takes practice to learn to be kind to ourselves but eventually we stop defining ourselves and others in ridged terms and by solitary acts.

Our world gets “softer”—thats nice.

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