I Hear You

A Life Coach, amoung other things MUST be able to be completly present with a client. Before a session we must clear our minds of our own garbage (centering) and hear without judgement what is being said.

I needed to really sharpen my ability to focus, to truly hear my clients. Luckily I connected with Andy Puddicombe and “Headspace”. Andy was a monk for 10 years prior to his becomming a mindfulness and meditation expert. He left the monistary in 2004 and has been on a mission ever since: to get people to take ten minutes out of their day to meditate and become focused on the here and now. Mindfullness allows us to be fully awake in our lives. It is also a willingness to be with what is. It takes a bit of time to be able to listen deeply and stay focused on the moment—but it worked for me.

I know some of you practice mindfulness and meditate regularly but to those of you who do not you may want to check out the app—the first 10 sessions are free. It was my gift to me and I would love for you to do the same. The app is “Headspace” give it a shot.

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