There are many inner landscapes of our lives, one just happens to be perpetual distraction. Actually, I have come to believe it is a glitch in our design. Something ran amok. Our ability to focus is innate but somehow we manage to not pay attention to the moment. That really is all we have—the moment— neither the past nor the future are around. We have no control over either of them; we cannot fix the past and we can’t deal with the future until it gets here, which will make it the present. It’s this “present” that we humans have a bit of trouble with. Our lives are lived in moments but instead of living in the moment what do we do? We scatter the moment by allowing our mind to flit from one thought to the other. Try closing your eyes and listening to the sounds around you or take a walk and really pay attention to what you’ve never seen before. Of course we need to make plans, work at our jobs, and take care of our kids but try to take a few moments every now and then to just listen.

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