The Lonely Road

I’ve been thinking about the various types of losses we humans experience and how our innate resilience and support from our communities help us with our grief. But so many of our losses are not identified which makes them difficult to grieve. A few of these are : Age Related; retirement, leaving home, youth. Threatened; awaiting the outcome of a biopsy, being sued, a couple on the brink of divorce, a loved one MIA. Temporary; moving, a loved one in the service, the loss of a long term goal. There really is no social outlet when the loss is not death. No funeral—no obituary—no public gathering —not much support for the mourner. It is so important for us to identify these as losses which will allow us to grieve them. They Change Our Lives. By respecting the impact they have we can make the road less lonely, If left unresolved, it is indeed a lonely road.

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