I have been a Certified Life Coach for two years and I am a member of the International Coach Federation. I have attended classes on my advanced certification in Grief Coaching since last May. In order for me to complete the course I must submit 100 hours of Loss/Grief coaching prior to May 31st. All sessions are done on the phone and are for approximately 45 minutes . I may ask to record a session as I need to submit 3 recordings, however anonymity is guaranteed. I am requesting a commitment of 4 sessions. Because May 31 is getting close I have reduced my rate to only $20.00 per session.

Please know that grieving a loss is NOT limited to the loss of a loved one. To name just a few : empty nest, a job, a pet, divorce, aging, leaving home and retirement.

If you are interested please call me at 631-368-3804. There is no charge for your calls during our sessions.

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